Dock Support Solutions

Underdock Supports

Our Underdock Support is the most stable method available for supporting your dock.  Built from heavy duty 2 3/8" square tubing with welded cross members, it will not twist or sway under heavy use.  Designed with a low profile makes it any excellent companion to the Deluxe Vinyl Dock.  Includes stainless steel and brass hardware for long life.  Available in; Standard (Expands 35"-49"), 6' (71" Inside), 8' (95" Inside), 12' (142" Inside), and 16' (190" Inside) with 1 center support models.

  Expandable From 35" to 49"

Bumper Available
 90 Degree Underdock Support for "L"-Type Layouts
 Leg options include 2" OD Post or
 2" Square Tube with welded 8"x12" Bottom

 Underdock style trusses can be used to create platforms

Ultra Crossarms

Designed in-house to be the superior alternative to traditional dock support methods.  Our Ultra Crossarms are welded from heavy duty aluminum tubing and include stainless steel and brass hardware to insure long life.  The highly versatile Ultra Crossarms can be used with 2" aluminum or 2" steel posts and any of our Base Footing Options to suit any shoreline application.  Available in a variety of lengths to support single width docks as well as create platforms.

 Rugged all welded construction eliminates the "wiggling"
 experienced with traditional dock supports

 Includes stainless steel and brass
hardware and PVC sleeve
for a long service life
 Fast and easy set-up and adjustments
thanks to the single set bolt and
 integrated stringer bracket

 12'x10' platform using a 12' Ultra Crossarm
constructed with 2"x4" aluminum tube

Traditional Support Options

Our line of traditional support options are the perfect choice for the budget minded.  Made from stamped aluminum which will not crack or break like inferior cast-molded products.  Includes all necessary hardware.  Fits 2" Steel or 2" Aluminum crossarms and posts.

Stamped Aluminum
Crossarm Clamps
(Includes Hardware)
Stringer Brackets
(Includes Hardware)
Diagonal Brace with Clamps
(Excellent for increasing the stability
of your dock)

 2" OD Aluminum Posts and Crossarms

 2" OD Steel Post and Crossarms

Never rusts
(Not recommended for lengths over 12 feet)
 Stronger than Aluminum
Galvanized to resist rust
Heavier than Aluminum
(Available in lengths up to 20 feet)